Why I Teach in Colombia


teach in Colombia

Ethnic diversity is a huge a part of why I made a decision in the future teach in Colombia. Being of mixed background, myself, I�ve always been thinking about other cultures and ethnicities, so when I had the opportunity to come live in a country having a couple of different ones, I knew I couldn�t pass it. The different cultural heritage is the result of the interaction between native inhabitants of the nation, Spanish colonists, African individuals who were originally held as slaves, and much more recent immigrants from the Middle East and Europe. Should you thought the usa was the only real melting pot of backgrounds, you were wrong! I had been eager to learn about each one of these different categories of people and the way they've got come together to give Colombia the flavor it's today.

Nevertheless the diversity isn�t just regarding the people, the geography is simply as varied - if not more! It�s actually the most megadiverse country per square kilometer on earth! The majority of the big cities will be in the Andes highlands, so that�s what people mostly think about after they think about Colombia, but it actually encompasses part of the Amazon rainforest and both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. There are 6 main regions of the united states, geography-wise, which results in plenty of diversity.

If you�re whatsoever considering animals, then you will love Colombia. It�s the most biodiverse country on earth, meaning her highest rate of species by area along with the largest variety of species which are not found elsewhere on the planet! Colombia is your place to see a few of the rarest breeds on earth, with over 1800 different kinds of birds and 450 kinds of mammals, as well as the 1000s of various kinds of fish, both fresh and brine. Where else on earth might you see a jaguar, Amazon river dolphin, blue and yellow macaw, and banded armadillo all inside the borders of a single country?

You shouldn�t take into account safety, despite whatever you decide and have often heard in news bulletins in recent years. For a long time, conflicts in Colombia deterred tourists from coming to or surviving in the country, but recently the numbers of tourists have skyrocketed, because of vast improvements in safety and security in the united states. In reality, over 3 million tourists visited next year, up about 11% from previous years.

With beautiful beaches, canyons, mountains, cities, history, and more, Colombia is undoubtedly a great destination to come teach. Additionally the variety in plants, animals, and never to mention, people, plus you've got an incredible country using a vast history and a great deal to find out. I couldn�t be happier with my decision to come here and I�ve had a great time taking weekend trips to various cities or to more remote locations where I can try to spot one of the rare species only seen in Colombia. I'd definitely recommend obtaining a great camera before you come!

teach in Colombia


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